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11 - Soho London - Dan's Wanders

11 – Soho London


Soho has an area of about one square mile (2.5 km2), and is now usually considered to be the area bordered by Oxford Street  to the north, Regent Street  to the west, Leicester Square to the south and Charing Cross Road to the east. So this is not so much of a particular place to stop by, other than just take in the area and energy.

Be warned it might not be the place to wander with younger children. There always seems to be a family who just left one of the children-friendly shows like Marry Poppins and trying to avert their children’s eyes from the adult sex stores.

As SOHO is part of London’s West End it blends the entertainment district and some of the leftover sex industry night life. Although the adult area has considerably shrunk over the years and made way for a more predominantly fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and stores.

It is a fun place to just wlak around the area either bfore or after taking in one of the many West end theater options.

Fast Facts

  • Keep an eye out for the noses on Soho walls. An artist that was not particularly happy about the abundance of London’s CCTV cameras popping up all over the city, used this form of art to react to the big brother surveillance. The noses were originally put up where there were gaps in the TV coverage.
  • The very lucrative adult entertainment industry was in full swing in the early 1970s. Apparently, the store owners would be willing to pay kickbacks to the police to ensure they stayed opened. It is rumored that it cost up to £14,000 paid to the police just to open an adult shop and £500 a week to keep it open. The scandal was reported in the mid-1970s.
Video Overviews

  • LONDON CHEAP EATS – SOHO Meals Under £8 – (5:06)
  • THE SOHO I LOVE, London, UK, documentary – (6:45)


  • London W1D

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