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London Walking Tour-Day 1 - Dan's Wanders

London Walking Tour-Day 1

London Day 1 Intro


Welcome to day 1 of my 3 day self-guided tour of London England. I use to live here as an expat and it still is one of my favorite cities in the world, rich with history, culture and just a great place to wander about. It is not my intention for this to replace any guide book but more of a summary introduction. Like any good self guided tour it is meant to be flexible and allow you to break from the path and discover your own favorite parts that will make it your own.

The first day is jammed pack with over 31 points of interest and covers just about 4.3 walking miles. I front-loaded this first day with the typical “must see sites in London” if you only happen to be staying for one day. Many of the sites are there just for reference so you know what you are passing, and you have the option to dive into more detail if you like.

There are literally so many museums, galleries, historical sites, tourist events that even after living in the city for many years you would not be able to scratch the surface. It was always my preference to just simply walk a city, see the sites very briefly, pause at a pub or park and take in the energy. Along the way there are bound to be one or two places that you will either want to discover right there and then, or make note of it and return on another day. I often suggest to people who might be staying for 5 or more days to just walk and enjoy the parks and outside events when you can, and save the indoor tours, shopping etc, for the wet and grey days that tend to pop up from time to time.

On the map dashboard there is a summary of directions and suggested walking path, with each of the sites having more detail of the location/event. For some of the Points of Interest I have found relevant YouTube videos that will give you a 2-5 min overview or historical reference.

I would suggest that if you do want to see some specific events, then plan accordingly so that you can incorporate it within your wander. For instance if you start day 1 at 8:30 you should have plenty of time to follow the path and still be in position to see the Changing of the Guard. As these event times do tend to alter due to times of year please refer to each of the Point of Interest page that has a link to the event times.

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