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9 - Liberty - Dan's Wanders

9 – Liberty


Unless you are intentionally seeking out the Liberty, this slightly hidden store on Regent Street is often overlooked by first time visitors. If you have followed this London Wander from day one, you have already experienced 3 of the iconic department stores in London. This fourth Tudor-style building is probably the most unique in terms of its stunning architecture and cozy feel.

A big difference this store has in comparison to the previous three is clear when visiting the fabric and haberdashery floor which has a distinct “arts and Crafts feel, albeit very expensive version. Liberty is known for its classic fabrics, textiles and elaborate embroidery.

The store was built in 1924 and used timber recycled from the ships HMS Hindustan and HMS Impregnable. Even if you don’t have a care in the world about shopping, it is worth a visit to just walk around to marvel at stair rails, leaded lights (decorative windows) and carved frogs.

Walking around the interior of this building is both an enjoyable experience and a bit frustrating as it can be hard to navigate the maze connecting floors with it’s nooks and crannies.

Every mid-November Liberty has an unveiling of the much anticipated Christmas window displays. It is a time honored tradition to stroll around the elaborate window displays that is bound to get anyone into the holiday mood.liberty_christmas_window

The store had been struggling financially and was facing a challenge to reinvent itself and yet still keeping the charm of the old unique English department store. With the introduction of new management and then a popular BBC reality TV show brought it back front and center. See TV Trailer below.

Fast Facts

  • The current building was erected in built in 1924 but Liberty was founded by Arthur Liberty in 1875.
  • The weathervane on top of the store bears a model of the Mayflower
  • The clock on the Kingly Street entrance has an hourly chime that brings out figures of St. George and the Dragon, to recreate their legendary battle.
Video Overviews

  • Liberty Of London Series 1 (Trailer) – (1:36)

  • Regent St, London W1B 5AH

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