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13 - Lamb & Flag Pub - Dan's Wanders

13 – Lamb & Flag Pub

Lamb and Flag Pub

I always prefer an out of the way hard to find pub. Ok this might not actually fall under that definition, but it gives the impression that it might be, due to how it is nestled in between a number of buildings and narrow walkways. This is a warm friendly bar full of character. I have been told that it is not the easiest to find for some but definitely worth the effort, especially on a nice summer day when the activity and conversations outside is just as active as it is inside.

Fast Facts

  • In the early 19th century the pub was nicknamed the Bucket of Blood, probably because it hosted bare-knuckle fist fights. Formally, the Cooper’s Arms became the Lamb and Flag in 1833.
Video Overviews

  • Jazz at The Lamb and Flag – 50 THINGS TO DO IN LONDON – London Pub Guides – (1:48)

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