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12 - Chinatown London - Dan's Wanders

12 – Chinatown London

Chinatown London

This is one of those non-stops and more of just background views and aromas as you walk through towards Covent Garden. As far as Chinatowns goes, it is considerably small time when you compare it to NYC or San Francisco, but it does offer a number of good restaurants is you are so inclined.

The Chinese supermarket and corner shop are different from the traditional London shops you have run across to date. They have a lot of different kinds of sweets to sample as well.

Fast Facts

  • There are approx. 78 restaurants, 53 shops and 12 bars and pubs in Chinatown.
  • It is believed that Led Zeppelin held their very first rehearsal in a small basement on Gerrard Street.
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